Can spray and weathering MG MS-06F-2 ZAKU2 F2


MG 1/100 MS-06F-2 ZAKU2 F2

F2 ZAKU will make before about 15 years, and is the 2nd time of making. The movable scope can’t strike a pose so much small, but the figure is cool. I’d like to paint by a can sprayer and do Weathering this time. The machine which comes into action on the ground is imagined and made.

Assembly and lower processing

I begin assembly and go. Treating the surface of a part is performed at first.
It’s cut from a runner by nippers. : A cutoff part doesn’t become white, so the sharp nippers are better.
File : An iron file is also used partially, but it’s arranged in# about 600 of a sandpaper and a stick file.
It’s filed overall. Laver of foundation also becomes good, but trouble of a part also becomes easy to find.
Deburring and filing of a power pipe are serious for ZAKU system kit.

Painting of a basic color, ink insertion and decal

As far as it’s judged by a plot, it seems to look like yellow a little whitely, so Character Flesch of GSI Creos is used. The inner frame is Gundam color sprayer MS gray Zeon system of GSI Creos.
Gray of foundation is used, so when Character Flesch is painted thick together, gray is being seen in a corner part.
It’s masked and nuri is being divided among silver partially. A masking tape is used, but there are liquid masking and a used thing in a part with the complicated shape.
Tamiya paints a concavity part and a mold part by unpleasant Sumi insertion paint. Paint is flowing along a quarter by a capillary phenomenon, and when wiping up the place where I stuck up by an enamel agent, it becomes beautiful.
A decal will be stuck. The curved part is made soft in Marksofter, it’s stroked with a cotton swab and it’s completed beautifully. A coat is done by clear after this. It’s that this is fine for completion, but it’s special, so I advance towards Weathering.


I’ll make a mess on the body which can be cleaned. A decal is scratched a little by a needle and a damage sense is taken out. It’s the expectation which comes into action on the ground this time, so “Panel Line Accent Color (Dark Brown)” will be applied the whole, and they seem to hit with a tissue and a cotton swab lightly after it’s dried tightly, and it’s dropped.
It’ll be put on the part like next cutting a melamine sponge into the size I tend to use, thinning enamel paint just slightly and beating lightly. “Neutral Grey” is being used this time and the feeling that paint came off is being taken out. If work ends, ” Weathering Master ” will be applied. It stuck by a melamine sponge, sprinklingly, if, I’ll be conscious of the part which seems to become dirty and apply. One uses a cotton swab.


It was painted by a can sprayer this time. The basic shape wasn’t remodeled, but couldn’t activity on the earth and earthy flavor be expressed as a theme? I think I was right in the proportion which isn’t leaking, so a special weapon was made coolly. It was easy but quite costly more than an airbrush was used because a free can sprayer was used.



GSI Creos
Mr.Surfacer #1000
Mr. Color Character Flesch (Exterior basic color)
Gundam color sprayer Phantom Gray (Exterior basic color)
Gundam color sprayer MS Gray Zeon (Inner basic color)
Mr. Color Silver (Inner partial color)
Gundam Marker Gold (Inner partial color)
Mr. Super Clear Matt
Mr. Topcoat FlatMatt

XF-53 Neutral Grey
Panel Line Accent Color (BLACK)
Panel Line Accent Color (Dark Brown)
Weathering Master (B set)
Weathering Master (C set)


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