Make a Master grade Gogg with underwater camouflage.


A master grade gog that was piled up in the closet for a long time. I saw the painting of “underwater camouflage” on the site I saw by chance, so I wanted to try it myself, so I started making it.


This time it’s an MG Gogg. Since the parts are large overall, it’s easy to shape for the size of the box. It’s pretty big.


This time, I would like to go with a strategy to partially complete it. The surfacer in the gray part is black and the basic color is set up in dark gray. The other parts of the surfacer are gray. Each color is launched while leaving a little gray.

Underwater camouflage painting

Underwater camouflage is applied to the head, chest, hips, and sneakers. I am using a whitish gray rather than the gray used as the basic color. I feel that it was better to blow a little more finely.

Weathering + Decal

The One Year War mobile suit has a desire to get dirty, so I made it dirty.
I basically use black enamel. It is used for chipping and painting the streak carved part by applying a small amount of paint to the corner of the sponge and pressing it lightly like a stamp. After that, while being aware of the blackened part due to chipping, the soot and rust of the Weathering Master B set give a more atmosphere. Partially, a thin enamel black is sprayed with an airbrush.This time, I’m spraying around the base of my nails.
It is a rubber part that comes with it from time to time, but I am in trouble every time. I decided not to do anything this time.
I will put decals on the parts that look cool. Finally, the matte top coat was used to adjust the gloss of the decals.


I think that the weight and usability have come out firmly. In the photo, it feels like the weathering is a little too strong. I’m particularly worried that the area around the abdomen is black.
I feel that the presence of underwater camouflage has disappeared.
I shot it side by side with the Z’Gok I made before

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