Master grade TALLGEESE-1 ♯1 Assembly review



The Gundam W series Gunpla is a popular series that has been newly released recently, and there are various versions.In 2020, 24 years after the broadcast in 1996, the Wing Gundam Zero EW Ver.Ka and the expansion parts set for the EW series (the glorious specifications of the losers) are on sale.It’s still a hot series.

MG TALLGEESE-1  Assembly

 The MG of Gundam W (Wing) will be created for the first time.I saw the main story more than 10 years ago. Tallgeese has I, II, and III, but all the designs look like knights, and I learned for the first time that his Tallgeese I made this time has different colors between the anime version and the OVA version (Endless Waltz) when boarding Zex. I did.In the anime version, it is imaginative that Zex was maneuvering while hematemesis. In Ⅱ, Treize appeared at the end of the animation. The appearance was cool with white and blue coloring.Ⅲ appears in OVA Zex will board as a fire extinguishing wind “Preventor Wind”.All of them were out of stock due to the fact that they were out of time, but they were relatively easy to obtain, so I would like to make the first Tallgeese I this time.


First of all, the picture of the box is cool. The mobility of Tallgeese is transmitted.The box is the smallest size of the master grade.About 10 runners are decals and transfer. A small spring is included in a yellow bag.Since there is no deformation mechanism or coalescence, it is easy to imagine which part the parts attached to the runner will be used for. 


The parts are cut with nippers, but the contact points with the runners are relatively difficult to see, so it may be good for people who enjoy using unassembled parts.
Erasing joints and parting lines of parts Master grade has almost no joint erasing work. Partially glued at the temporary assembly stage. Since it will be painted in the end, file the whole (# 600).We will also proceed with the processing of sink marks. It may not be visible depending on the amount of light, so if you find a new sink mark before painting, you will be disappointed.

Preparing for disassembly

Since it will be disassembled when painting, the snap-fit part will be slightly processed to make it easier to remove the parts.  For the hole type, the inside of the receiving hole is covered with a drill of 2 mm or 3 mm according to the size of the receiving hole. If the joints become loose, you will not be able to pose or become independent, so be careful. If the drill size does not fit, cut the male in half, which makes it relatively easy to disassemble. If it is not a hole type, you can remove it quite easily just by cutting the convex part with nippers. If you do not do this work, the disassembly work will be hell.


It’s quite small compared to the first MS, but it feels delicate. The proportions are cool. Since the whole is smart, there is also a range of movement. You can pose freely to some extent.
The vernier on the shoulder is open and closed on the inside and outside on both the left and right sides.The waist part opens and closes and there is a vernier inside.The Dover Gun is quite long and is likely to touch the ground when worn on the shoulder. 
Compared to the finished product series “Gundam Universe”, the size is natural, but you can see the difference between endless waltz and anime color.
Although it will be created in the future, I would like to improve the details using plastic sticks etc. and I will paint with the endless Waltz version of the start-up.Also, I’m like a knight, so I’m thinking of making something with a 3D printer because a lance or a twin sword looks good or an ax.