Build Master Grade Jegan with E.F.S.F. style original color



It is a Gunpla released in 2018. Since it is an MS that is active in space during the play, I would like to give it a sense of space. I will not change the basic shape, but I would like to paint with gradation.Originally it is a light green, but I would like to refer to the color of GM during the One Year War.

Assembly & preparation

It’s a relatively new kit in my making, but I was surprised that the polycap was gone. Since the deburring was also connected to the runner in an inconspicuous place, it was easy to process and the nippers were renewed, so I went smoothly.
The concept of Jegan this time is “an aircraft that does not participate in many battles”. “Survey team” …
So the rifle is also a little shorter and smaller.
The surfacer uses a gray #1000 for the inner frame and a black #1500 for the exterior.


The colors in the main story are quite radical, so I would like to paint with a modest color.
The inner frame uses “Clear Matte” for the Gundam color “MS Gray Federation”. There is a streak paint with enamel neutral gray. The parts that are likely to be easily masked are painted in silver and white. The atmosphere changes considerably just by painting a little.Not to mention metallic paints, but if you use ordinary primary colors as shavings, the mechanical feeling will improve and you will get a realistic finish.
The exterior is a gray surfacer and a red surfacer from black suff. I’m going to start painting, but I’m painting while being careful not to make it intentional. First, select the parts that are easy to paint, and then paint them over while watching the situation.
Even for weddings, a little enamel paint is applied to the parts that are likely to be scratched using a sponge.
As a bonus, the rifle has also been modified to be a little shorter.


This time I painted it in the original color. The theme is “MS used in departments that do not fight much”. With such a setting, I wanted to make it a poor weapon and made the rifle a little shorter. I would like to make a diorama together with the base jabber in the future.