Make a diorama base with acrylic board and cork sheet


Make cracked asphalt!

I would like to create a foundation for decorating the completed plastic model. If there is a foundation, the atmosphere will come out!
It’s good to use the containers sold at 100-yen shops, but I don’t have many convenient sizes, so I make them by combining acrylic plates every time. This time, I would like to create a base for cracked asphalt that is likely to be on the battlefield.

I would like to make a stand of about W250mm x D250mm x H20mm and decorate the Shaazaku that I made last time. Acrylic boards sold at home improvement stores are cut and glued with a solvent to form a box. This time, I used 3mm thick acrylic, but you can also make it with a vinyl chloride board.
Since it will be painted, it is lightly sanded with # 600.

It’s boring if it’s flat, so I’ll use something called the medium that I got before to make undulations. It takes time, but I like it because it cures reasonably well. If you want to make the undulations firmly, you can use paper clay.

After undulating and hardening to a certain extent, apply a follow-up medium to smooth the surface, and apply tissue paper to make it mild before it dries. The tissue paper is double-layered, so stick it in one sheet and dry it again.

Paint a spray that feels sandy when dried. When it dries, apply an adhesive and sand it until the undulations are natural. The adhesive is a woodworking bond diluted with water.

I will tear off the cork sheet and place it on it only after painting it lightly, but I am drafting how to cut it. Cut the cork sheet along the draft line with your finger to make a shape. Lightly open a gap and attach with a woodworking bond to dry. The atmosphere will be better if there is a gap!

Once the adhesive has hardened and the cork sheet is stuck, prime the cork with an asphalt-like color.
GSI Creos Mr. Weathering Paste is put in the cracked part to make it look like the soil below can be seen through the cracks. A pretty nice atmosphere came out.

Adjust the color a little and you’re done. For the time being, I took a picture with Chars zaku, which was originally MG! It’s an atmosphere. If possible, I wanted to shoot with a mass-produced Zaku. Since I make it through trial and error every time, the procedure is different every time, but I would like to find a way to make it many times.

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  2. […] Make a diorama base with acrylic board and cork sheetMake cracked asphalt!I would like to create a f… […]