MG TallgeeseⅠ ♯2 Creating a weapon with a 3D printer


Create a Tallgeese weapon

Since Tallgeese has a knight-like atmosphere, I would like to make it with a 3D printer because I want to have a knight-like weapon.

Lance (Gun Lance)

Tallgeese designed like a knight in Europe. I think that a weapon as tall as my height will suit me, so I will use a 3D printer to create a weapon.

Is the image of Lance the lance that Crossbone Vanguard BERUGA GIROS has? I wonder if it’s a lance but also has a missile. Rather, it’s a monster hunter’s gun lance.

Test print

For the time being, I will create data for a silhouette that looks like Gunlance. I don’t know how to use the 3D software “Shade 3D” so I managed to make a shape and print it with just the composition of a cylinder and a square. It’s been a long time since I was a 3D printer, so I output a series of steps in a review. Since we changed the type of UV resin from this time, it also serves as a test. I used to use a water-washing resin, but this time I decided to use a standard UV resin. It takes time to wash with alcohol, but the degree of completion is quite good.

Second print

Bring the data closer to Gunlance and print again The size of ELEGO MARS that I use is H: 120mm, and I can’t print a large size, so this time I will divide it into 4 pieces. The joint part can be assembled like a snap fit if you make male and female with data. The male is thinned by 0.1 mm.
The size of the parts is about 80mm, but it feels like it’s finished in the morning by moving it for 6 and a half hours before going to bed.

Final print

I fixed two places, the grip part and the barrel part, added the tip of the sword to the barrel part, I thought that I would put a 2 mm brass rod in the plastic rod for the grip part, but it seems that the strength can be maintained even with printing, so this shape Did. This completes the output. The shape is relatively as expected. Stereolithography type UV resin needs to be washed with alcohol.

Detail up

A 1mm plastic stick is attached to the shield to improve the detail. It hides the fact that it is flat as a whole and the corners of the polygon are exposed. After that, I will add plastic sticks while watching the situation.If you are a modeler, this work is probably your specialty.
Since the thickness of the blade is only 1 mm and it is thin, it will warp. Take some measures.
If you have knowledge of software, you can do a cooler gun lance. But even beginners can make weapons of this level. 3D printer It’s fun to spread your dreams.