Make Ramba Ral’s Zaku I that works well by mixing Ver.1 Zaku I and Ver.2 Zaku II!


MG MS-05+MG MS-06F ”Mixing”

I really like the Zaku series that appears in the One Year War because it has a sense of weapons.
Zaku I is a kit that came out early when MG was sold. Zaku I is a kit that came out early when MG was sold. Now that Zaku II Ver.2.0 has been released, the range of movement has been increased to each stage and the range of poses has expanded. I wanted to sell Zaku I of Ver.2.0, but I didn’t see any sign of it, so I decided to make it. そWhen I was thinking about that, I tried to make Ramba Ral’s Zaku I by mixing MG MS-05 and MG MS-06 Zaku Ver.2.0 on Bandai’s website.

Creation of the main body

Basically, Ver.2.0 is used. Use the stick in the middle of the shoulders, chest, wrists, and face from Zaku 1.
The shoulders and joints are erased. The size of the poly cap for mounting does not match, so some ingenuity is required.
Some processing is required on the inside of the chest and wrists. Shaving …
Fill the power pipe part with the face and poly putty, and transplant the rod in the middle of the main camera from Zaku I
Processing is relatively easy. Since the basic parts are Ver.2.0, the operating range is considerably wider than Ver.1.0. That’s why you can also do cool poses.


Painting is easy with a can spray, using blue and cal gray with a little punch. The inner parts are MS Gray Zeon and blue, which is close to black. The enamel paint is used to emphasize the mold by adding streaks.I don’t do any weathering.


It was my first mixing, but it is a mixing with a fairly low hurdle. The operating range has expanded and you can take poses that cannot be done with Ver.1 and double the fun. However, there is no use for the extra parts, so it’s a bit of a thought.
Since the ball joint on the shoulder is different from the size at that time, it will become loose if it is attached normally, so I put a little woodworking bond. If this is the case, it can be operated even after it has hardened.
I used the F type of Ver.2.0 this time, but if you want to make a Zaku 1 Ramba Ral dedicated machine, I think that you can make it smoothly if you use the J type of Ver.2.0 because there is no need to fill the putty of Fukurahagi. Please try it!

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