BANDAI Master grade TallgeeseⅠ ♯3 Painting Make the EW color a realistic atmosphere with gradation painting!


MG TallgeeseⅠ ♯3 Painting

MG Tallgeese has been temporarily assembled, but I would like to paint it with the endless Waltz version color.

at first

The exterior colors are white and light gray, yellow, red, and navy blue.
Gradation paint is applied to the white and light gray parts. Yellow, red, and navy blue parts are small, so use normal paint.
Inner parts use metallic type that is close to black.

Inner parts

I mainly use the two colors I bought before. I would like to use metal black vernier for the main frame and “焼鉄色” for the dover gun.
In the painting process of Vernier ・Dover Gun, the surfacer uses black and repaints the burnt iron color.The metallic type has a relatively low concealment rate, so the blacker the base, the better the color development. Finally, spray a matte clear to complete.
Although it is the painting of the main frame, it is also painted with metal black from black surfacer # 1500, white pearl, and then finished with matte clear.Painting the inner parts with metallic + pearl + matte is time-consuming, but it feels pretty good.
I try to paint the inner parts in any color each time.



The white part is painted from Gray Surfacer # 1200 to Creos white mixed with a little clear color blue. Since the colors are close, it is difficult to tell if it is painted by adjusting the light. It is a start-up painting that is quite difficult for middle-aged people. This time, I put a dry decal on it and then applied a matte clear.

Light gray

Light gray used for the abdomen and super vernier is also painted with light gray (灰色9号) + clear blue on the gray surfacer # 1200, and gradation painting with light gray (灰色9号) on it. .It is basically the same flow as white painting. The colors are so close that I don’t really understand it in a photo.

Red / yellow / navy

Red, yellow, and navy blue cannot be painted in gradation, so they are painted normally.
When I painted the inside of the vernier separately, I said “Masking is quite troublesome!”, So I put the right plate screw upside down and painted it, and I was able to paint it quite neatly. try it.

Dry decal

Apply dry decals.Fix it firmly with a weak adhesive object such as masking so that it does not move, and rub it with an object without corners to attach it. It is difficult to apply if it is painted with a matte finish. This type of decal is very difficult, so stick it with all your might.


It’s weathering, but this time it doesn’t get dirty, but I just put a stain on the mold. Since the base is white, black is too assertive, so I use brown enamel paint.


Regarding the painting, it was disassembled considerably. Therefore, there were many small parts that could not be painted with gradation. Since the color painted on the base was based on white, I think that the feeling of strangeness disappeared in the end. I think it would have been okay to add more colors to the interior of the Super Vernier.

I think it was pretty cool, partly because the body was pretty good. Before I started making it, I was worried about gloss or mat and made it a mat, but if I have a chance in the future, I would like to make gloss with pearl.
How was Tallgeese I? It’s a cool kit, so why not give it a try?