I offer the first challenge to RE/100! Base Jabber is made with the original color 89 systems.


RE/100 TYPE 89 Base Jabber

RE / 100 is my first challenge because I want to make the Jegan and diorama I made before. I made Jegan and started making it with the tension as it is, so I’m sorry I don’t have the details of assembly …But I would like to introduce it.
The scene in which Jegan rides on the aircraft that appeared in “Char’s Counterattack” and sorties out is impressive. Some of these base jabbers and jegans are also used in elements other than combat, aren’t they?So, the theme of this creation is “a unit that explores the post-battle area, finds good things, and brings them back.”



It will be only sentences, but I would like to write while remembering the assembly.

Basically, it is easy because it is composed of large parts and the assembly itself is very simple. It is divided into the vicinity of the driver’s seat and the loading platform. 各The block is boldly divided into upper and lower parts, so it is essential to erase the joints. Since the loading platform is also divided, the inside of the triangle that can be seen on the side part is completed in advance, then masked and the exterior is painted.Some ingenuity is required. The shape is faithful to the video work. It’s a kit that I don’t make much by itself, but it’s good. The unicorn version was also sold at Premium Bandai, but it seems that the formation color is slightly different.It doesn’t really matter if you make it in the original color.


The purpose of this time is to create a diorama with Jegan that I made before, so the color is gray. I chose yellow as the sashimi color. The theme is “Aircraft of explorers in the area after the battle”. The color of the triangular part on the side has been changed, but when it is completed, the difference is not so noticeable. The mold is painted with gray enamel paint and stained with Tamiya Weathering Master to give a slight usability.


This is my first attempt at RE / 100, but I was able to make it crispy, although some ingenuity was required. It is a voluminous size and powerful. I’d like to make a diorama with Jegan after this, but I’m thinking about the composition right now. There are RE / 100 Jagd Doga and EFREET in the stacking plastic, so I would like to make them in the future.