Create Master Grade Gouf Ver.2.0 with gradation painting + clear color painting.


MG MS-07B Gouf Ver.2.0

I’m making only MS for the One Year War, but this time I’m making Gouf.
It is impressive that Ramba Ral was riding and fighting Gundam in the desert in the play. It seems to be quite noticeable on the battlefield.There are other variations such as Gouf Custom and Flight Gouf. In the One Year War, it is a typical MS for Zeon’s atmospheric mobile suits.Blue, which was Ramba Ral’s personal color, is also the basic color for mass-produced machines. I wanted to make it in real type color if possible, but I couldn’t get the decal and it was made in basic blue.


Unfortunately, I haven’t made Ver.1.0, but it has a much more voluminous feel than the previous one, giving it a macho impression.I feel that the proportions are a little closer to Gouf that appeared in the anime. The kit itself was fairly easy to make and assembled.
There is no change in proportions, but the spikes on the shoulder are sharpened (it hurts when stabbed).Please see the video when creating Shaazaku for how to sharpen it.


The painting is a white start-up painting that makes the best use of the color of Gray Surfacer # 1000. The white Gouf is also a very fresh visual.イThe inner parts are painted with Creos MS Gladion spray from the gray surfacer, and are slightly painted with silver and gold. Finally, the mold etc. is filled with black enamel.
Please see the video for the gradation painting method.

Painting & weathering

The painting is made by painting the start-up white from the surfacer with clear blue and GX deep clear blue. It is completed by inking and washing with enamel paint, applying weathering paste, drying, and removing it while conscious of the desert feeling. I think I was able to paint with a color that is quite Gouf-like. Since it is colored in clear color, it gives an impression that it is brighter than the start-up painting.If I have a chance, I would like to paint in clear color.

Completion + foundation creation

The table is made of acrylic and the sand is glued together. Paint it a little and you’re done. I would like to post how to make a stand in the future.


MG 1/100 MS-07B グフ Ver.2.0 機動戦士ガンダム
価格:4998円(税込、送料別) (2021/6/22時点)

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