We have created MG Char’s Zaku Ver.2.0, a popular royal road character with gradation painting and easy detail improvement.



It was a great deal for Char’s Zaku which I bought at a second-hand shop for 2000 yen I’ve made mass-produced Zaku several times, but I couldn’t make it because I didn’t have the time to make it, so I’d like to make it this time.
It is a popular MS because it is a rival machine of Gundam in the One Year War. Compared to the mass-produced Zaku II, the shape and parts formation of the calf vernier and backpack have changed. It feels like a special machine.

At first

It is basically the same as the mass production type, but the shape of the backpack and calf vania is different from that of the mass production type. The power pipe, which I had a lot of trouble with when it was Ver.1.0, has been improved considerably, but even though it is Ver.2.0, the preparation is difficult.

Detail up

It is easy to improve the detail by sharpening the spikes.

Sharpening of spikes Easy detail improvement. Also, the area around the main camera is slightly thinned with a 1mm plastic van. I used a plastic stick between my knees and crotch to give it a mechanical feel.


For this painting, I am using Gundam color. The pink part uses the Gundam color UG10 MS Char Pink from the dark red color on the base, and the dark red uses the Gundam color UG11 MS Char Red on the black base color. The gray part is painted with GSI Creos Gundam color MS Phantom Gray. Inner parts use Gundam color MS Graceion system. Gradation painting is not applied. Black enamel paint is used for molds. 
Although it is weathering, apply gray enamel paint to the part that is likely to get dirty with the corners of the sponge, and stain it with the soot of Tamiya’s Weathering Master B set to complete it.


It looks cool when it’s done. Since it is Ver.2.0, it was a fun kit that can take various poses. It seems that MS-06s was also mass-produced at the end of the One Year War, so it would be interesting to try making it with Zeon Green. ?? How about making a representative enemy MS of Mobile Suit Gundam?


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