PLAMAX Sirbine Build


PLAMAX Sirbine

It’s been a while since I made a plastic model other than Gundam. It is the aircraft that appeared in the OVA of Aura Battler Dunbine. When I was in elementary school, I was quite shocked by the robot with the atmosphere of insects. The kit, which was sold in soft vinyl nearly 30 years ago, has now been changed to a plastic model and released in a slightly smaller size.
It seems that it was a very popular kit at that time as well.


The number of parts is considerably smaller than that of Gunpla. It is a fixed model that does not move the joints.
Although it is a plastic model, it is a garage kit, so the difficulty level is high. Since it is not a snap fit like Gunpla, it basically requires an adhesive.

Preparation for amputation

I thought that brush painting was the best for joints, so I cut off my limbs and emphasized ease of work.
When cutting, the gaps are filled with UV resin on both sides of the limb joints. Drill a 1 mm hole through the joint that will be separated from the buried UV resin.
Separate the limbs with a saw.

If you pass a 1mm brass wire through the hole, you can easily return it to the correct position and it will be easier to paint. This method was often used when making resin kits.

Since the shoulders will be fitted later, I will assemble it first and adjust it while scraping the catch at the end.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a joint erasing work. Since the parts are divided in good places, there are several places to work only in the conspicuous parts. The master grade that I always make is a little fun because it requires a little work with weapons.


Although it is painted, I do not know the standard color well, so I searched on the Web etc. and made it a Dunbine-like color.

Body undercoat: white + (red clear + blue clear) Topcoat: white (gradation paint)

Joint Gundam Color UG11 MS Char Red

Foot / neck green

Decoration Gundam Marker Gold

Shield Circumference: Same as the main body
Middle: Undercoat Cranberry Red Pearl
Topcoat Gundam color UG10 MS Char Pink (gradation painting)
Female decoration: Gold

Sword blade: Silver

After the painting is completed, the enamel paint Tamiya’s smearing paint dark brown emphasizes the painted parts.


Since the number of parts was smaller than the master grade I usually make, it will be completed in about 10 days. It was quite efficient to separate the limbs. It may be easy for advanced users, but I think that it was a method that makes it very unlikely that mistakes would occur.

I had a hard time choosing the color because it was a kit that I didn’t have much basic knowledge about.In the end, I painted the details delusionally with reference to Dunbine. I wanted to give the joints a feeling of living things, so I painted the exterior with a damp feel, as if the bones and nails had changed. I think I was able to land where I should have completed it.
Although it was a failure part this time, it is a pity that the clear parts were whitened because the distance to separate them from the runner was short, and it could not be erased by painting. I feel like I’ve been leaning forward somehow. I wonder if the ankle attachment failed …?
What I made this time is a gift for an acquaintance who was indebted to me before. I was able to create it with good motivation because there are people who will give it to me.

It’s basically a cool kit, so please try it. Bandai will also release a movable server-in in August 2021.