BANDAI Master grade Gundam Double X Build #1 Temporary assembly [Kit review]


GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X

I would like to create the GX-9901-DX Gundam XX that appears in the work of the new century Gundam X. Gundam X was broadcast in 1996 in the Gundam series, and all 39 episodes were played. I’ve only seen the story halfway … I know that the cannon that comes out of my shoulder is powerful.
Since this is a temporary assembly that also serves as a kit review, I would like to proceed while considering the preparation for painting and how to proceed with the work.

Package contents

There are 19 runners. I think it’s normal or few for MG. A mirror sheet is included for wings like a solar panel on the back.


The chest clear parts will not be painted, but the upper side is a cockpit hatch. The lower side is fixed, but it feels a little easy to come off. Ultimately, it needs to be glued.
Somehow I don’t really like the red on my side.


The radiator plate works with the cover part.


The radiator plate of the foot also opens and closes in conjunction with the cover like the arm.


The satellite cannon on my back is heavy and I try to make it independent. Posing is also possible if you make it at the right angle and make it look like a stick. You may also use a bass.
The grip part of the beam rifle on hand works.


I tried to assemble Double X, but it’s cool. The limbs are also thick and give a solid impression. When the satellite cannon is opened, it feels like a freedom.
I tried side by side with FIX RX-78, but it is a little small.
I would like to start painting while improving the details a little.

As an aside, it seems that it can be combined with the 1/100 G Falcon that was released in the past.


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