BANDAI Master grade Gundam Double X Build #2 Detail up


Gundam XX Making #2 Detail up

It’s pretty cool just to assemble it normally, but this time I’d like to improve the details a little. I don’t improve the details so much, but I was surprised to find it in stock, so I’ll try using it.

There were quite a lot of types. I don’t know how to use it …

This time I will try using a plastic stick. Cut a □1mm plastic rod to a length of about 3mm and attach it with an adhesive. The cut section may be slanted, so it’s quite difficult to do, but it’s a little filed.

It’s quite difficult to understand in the photo, but I put it on the shoulders, flanks, and legs of the weapon in places.

Somehow it feels good. The meaningful bulge is cool.
I will use the parts that I didn’t know where to use this time.