BANDAI Master grade Gundam Double X Build #3 Painting


GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X

Now I will paint. I would like to add a little originality based on the basic colors.
I don’t really like the red color of the abdomen, so I changed this area to a different color.

Inner frame

The inner will be reddish.
Black surfacer → Cranberry red pearl → Matte clear

Cranberry Red Pearl has been discontinued.
I like inner painting with matte pearls.

Twin satellite cannon

Surfacer Gray # 1200 → Light Gray (Gray No. 9) → Matte Clear
The main color is light gray painted with gradation.
It is partially painted with cal gray.

Body + Assembly


Surfacer Gray # 1200 → Light Gray (Gray No. 9) → Matte Clear
Like the satellite cannon, it is painted in light gray with gradation.Painted with cal gray at the point
Light gray and cal gray

Navy blue

Surfacer black → navy blue → matte clear
Navy blue has a gradation paint.
I can’t see the gradation painting in the photo …


This time I would like to weather lightly. First, apply a decal and when it dries, it will be scratched and damaged. Lightly apply enamel paint to the parts that are likely to be scratched with a sponge and stain them with a weathering master.
The enamel paint used this time is dark gray.


I have made a master grade Gundam Double X. It was completed in about 10 days in 3 to 4 hours at night. I was able to do it quite quickly.
There were some troubles such as the radiator plate of the foot breaking and the parts popping off the paint stick, but I managed to complete it.
It was an MS that I didn’t pay much attention to, but when I made it, it was pretty cool. When the Twin Satellite Cannon is deployed, it becomes a silhouette like Freedom. It will be quite large, so you may have trouble with the decoration location.
The big twin satellite cannon is a standard kit, so why not try to make it easy?