BANDAI RE/100 Efreet Custom Build #3 Painting


RE/100 MS-08 TX[EXAM] Efreet Custom

Well, I’ve completed a simple detail improvement and started painting. Basically, we will proceed with painting with reference to the standard colors.



As a way of proceeding, I want to make the basic blue part feel lighter, so I would like to paint white with gradation and put clear blue on it.

Blue (gradation painting)

Surfacer (white) → light gray (gray No. 9) → clear blue
I tried painting blue, but it was a shame because the gradation did not come out so beautifully, but I tried again and this work took about 3 days … 
The Gouf I made before worked, but it’s not good
Surfacer (gray) → blue
The second time I didn’t make any mistakes, but the color became a little heavy.

Other colors

Orange (gradation) shoulders, etc.

Surfacer (gray) → orange + white (gradation painting)
I wanted to emphasize it, so I made it a little brighter.

White (gradation)

サーフェイサー(グレー)→ ライトグレー

Grilled iron color (metallic)

Surfacer (black) → Burnt iron color
I did not paint with gradation, but used it for joints.

Navy blue

Surfacer (black) → Navy blue (gradation painting)


Surfacer (black) → Neutral gray (gradation painting)


There were some mistakes, but it will be completed in 12 days. It’s a design that doesn’t look like a one-year war mobile suit. However, when it is completed, it looks pretty cool. Compared to the master grade, there are considerably fewer parts and it is easy to assemble. Since the parts that are divided by that amount are integrated, masking is required for painting.
Yes, I don’t think there were so many. I would like to pay attention to RE / 100 in the future.
Is the point of reflection the blue paint? I used normal blue because the clear color painting didn’t work very well, but it became darker than ideal and it became difficult to understand the gradation painting. It may have been a little white or mixed.

I thought that a body that was not as thick as Dom and thicker than Zaku was pretty cool. It’s easy to make, but the style is excellent. Why don’t you try it once?