BANDAI Master grade MBF-P03R Gundam Astray Blue Frame Second Revise Build #3 Painting


I’m going to make an Astray blue frame, but since there are many small parts and there is not enough drying space, I would like to go with the strategy of completing the tactics arms first and then starting painting the main body.

Although it is a paint color, I do not like the molding colors blue and orange so much, so I would like to change the color of this area to create a calm atmosphere.


Weapons (Tactical Arms)

Once disassembled, it’s easy to paint separately, so I’m painting them in pieces.


I used Surfacer Black in many places this time.
This is a diluted video of the surfacer. The degree of dilution is like this. The appearance of the bottom of the plate is the standard for dilution.


Basic blue
Surfacer (black) → blue gray FS35189
Mainframe Originally used for the blue part

Pastel blue (point color)
Surfacer (black) → Azer blue
Used for the orange part of the basic color

Body: Surfacer (gray) x white + light gray (gray No. 9)
Weapon: Surfacer (Gray) x Light Gray (Gray No. 9)
All of them were light gray in the plan, but the paint disappeared on the way and I replaced it with a mixture of white and light gray.

Mechanical part
Surfacer (black) → Burnt iron color
Metallic that is used a little on the barrel and part


Pour Tamiya Sumi-in paint (black) into the mold. If you don’t want to get it dirty, you’re done here.
In addition, dilute the enamel paint black a little with enamel solvent, apply it to the corners of the tableware sponge cut into small pieces, and lightly apply it to the corners. Stroke while paying attention to the part with enamel paint with the weathering master # B soot.
At this time, apply it to areas that are likely to be scratched, such as sharp tips and corners, but if you apply it to areas that are slightly scratched, it will become familiar and the atmosphere will settle down.


Period: I thought it would take about a week to make it, but it took a long time to paint the parts in detail. That’s why this work period is 12 days.

Reflection: This dry decal stuck to my finger and gave up. I wanted to paste it exactly if possible. Light gray has disappeared when I painted Tactical Arms. Let’s start after stocking up.

Summary: It was a Gundam with small parts. It is almost disassembled during painting work. When I assembled it, it felt like the painting was completed.

The powerful tactical arms are quite large and heavy, so if you attach them to your back, it will be more stable if you move the main body forward a little.
It’s a recent Gundam, so it’s mechanically cool. This time I found it at a second-hand shop and could buy it cheaply, so I made a blue frame, but if I have a machine, I would like to make a red frame and a gold frame as well. It’s a sophisticated style Gundam, so it’s pretty cool when completed. Please try to make it.