" /> BANDAI Master grade GUNDAM RX-72-02 Ver.3.0 Build - 試行錯誤のガンプラ作成 ”Trial and error Gunpla Build"

BANDAI Master grade GUNDAM RX-72-02 Ver.3.0 Build

MG GUNDAM RX-72-02 Ver.3.0

MG GUNDAM RX-72-02 Ver.3.0

Gunpla hit by a lottery in 2018. It is a cool kit even if it is unpainted because clear parts are partially used. However, when it comes to painting, the story is different, and as a result of worrying about how to utilize these clear parts in my own style, I painted normally.
The kit is quite built like a 1/100 version of Gundam that was in Odaiba before. At the time of Ver.2.0, the part that was made with one part seems to be divided into several parts, so the impression is that there are many small parts, and the details are so fine that it is easy to paint separately.



Because I want to give a feeling of use, Gundam has a strong atmosphere of “friend of justice” and I worry every time I make Gundam. Ver.3.0 is 1/100 scale of Gundam that used to be in Odaiba, and it has the impression that the parts are considerably finer than MG Gundam ver.2.0 and 1.5. The temporary assembly also had a lot of trouble.


I wanted to give it a feeling of weapons, so I started painting with the effect of “dirt”, but the fineness of the parts has increased the difficulty and there is a problem with my ability, but the feeling of starting painting has almost disappeared .Weathering is done by washing with gray and pomponing enamel paint with a melamine sponge to express scratches on the corners.Anyway, it was a kit that was more responsive than the master grade in this price range.

White surfacer (gray) → white (gradation painting)
Gray surfacer (gray) → cal gray (gradation painting)
Blue surfacer (gray) → white (gradation painting) → clear blue
Red surfacer (gray) → white (gradation painting) → clear red

Surfacer (black) → Gundam color MS gray Federal system


The base is painted by combining acrylic and making a little undulation with medium and pasting a cork sheet. You can read more about it in another article. I’ll put a link below. Please watch.