BANDAI MG Gundam Exia Build #3 Solid paint + weathering paint


It’s finally time to paint. This time, I would like to apply a cool color to the cool color without gradation painting, and then finish it with weathering.


Surfacer → Painting → Sumi is finished.

Paint used

Surfacer: GSI Creos Mr. Surfacer 1200 Value Spray 170ml Hobby Finishing Material B515

White: Mr. Color C11 Gull Gray

Blue: GSI Creos Mr. Color Airplane Model Color Azer Blue Model Paint C370

Red: Gundam Color UG10 MS Char Pink

Inner frame: GSI Creos Mr. color Airplane model color Blue Gray FS35189 Model paint C367

Sujibori: Tamiya Sumi-in paint (dark brown) 87140

This time, the painting was solid, so the basic painting was finished early. There is no separate masking for each part.
It doesn’t take as long as gradation, but the point is to apply it evenly and cleanly.


I took a video of the weathering.

I put dark gray on the corners of the sponge and lightly put it on the corners of the parts. It’s an enamel paint, so you can start over. Let’s take the plunge!
The weathering master will be attached while being aware of the dark gray areas. This gives a pretty atmosphere.
When you’re done so far, blow the top coat and you’re done.


Since it was completed, it is a summary. The basic construction is fairly simple and easy to make, and it was completed in about 8 days. Although it is sold separately, there is also an LED unit and so on, so I enjoyed it a lot. I tried to make it a cool summery color. I feel light.
I used an airbrush for this painting, but I think the same thing can be done with a can spray. Please try it.