BANDAI MG Gundam Strike Freedom Build #1 Kit review


This time I would like to make Strike Freedom.
This is the last aircraft Kira will board in Gundam SEED Destiny. This mobile suit is strong against cheats.So I avoided making it, but I bought it because it was sold cheaply.

In the play, it’s too strong and I feel like it won’t scratch, so I’m worried about what happened to the weathering. I will think about painting in the future, but I will temporarily assemble it for the time being.


The inner frame is gold, but the molding color is ocher, so I would like to paint it firmly.

Assembly of the main body

Since the head is firmly separated at the front and back, joint erasing occurs. After completing the face, it is necessary to have a pattern to erase the seams or to process the face.
The equipment on the waist causes a joint erasure. Paint the inside gold, then mask and paint the outside.

There is a moving part on the back, and it seems that this opening and closing allows you to adjust the squeeze even if your back is heavy.

The calf part opens and closes.

WING UNIT(Super dragoon)

Make the holes a little easier to remove in preparation for painting.
All four wings have joints and erasers.

It’s quite heavy as it looks. Of course, there are 8 dragoons.


Includes 2 beam sabers and 2 beam rifles. The beam rifle can be combined as in the play.


The temporary assembly of Street Freedom is complete. It’s quite voluminous. Compared to Double X, it’s about one head taller.
The temporary assembly alone was quite difficult. The dragoon unit on the back has a gimmick that interlocks with the movement of the wings and disassembles at the time of painting, but it seems that it will take time to assemble again.
There should also be several joint erasers on the back and head.

I’m going to proceed with the painting this time with the same solid painting as the Exia I made last time.
Since there are many parts, we will paint the main body and wings separately.