3D printer Introducing the work process until parts are made


This time I would like to introduce the work procedure of a 3D printer.
There are still some ignorant parts, so I would like to update the contents if there is a good way in the future.
This time, I would like to introduce how Bandai’s MG Strike Freedom was created with the intention of giving it a new weapon.

Data creation (CAD software)

First is data creation. First of all, here is the point to remember. I struggle with four unfamiliar software.
Software used: Shade Ver.16

Slicer software (ChiTuBox)

It will be software that supports the preparation for output with a 3D printer. If you do not use this, you will not be able to arrange prints or set support materials.
It comes with a 3D printer or can be downloaded for free.


Load the data created on the PC into ELEGOO MARS with flash memory.

Printing completed

Printing is complete. Was it printing for about 7 hours at this time?


The UV resin is quite sticky, so wash it after printing.
Put a liquid such as alcohol in the detergent in an ultrasonic cleaner to wash.
This cleaning solution has a very strong odor, so be sure to ventilate it well. It looks bad for you.

Removal of support

It can be peeled off with your finger. Nippers are also useful when it is difficult to cut.

Secondary curing

Irradiate with UV light. Is it a few minutes in terms of time? It feels hard to the touch.


done. The process is like this.
When I’m actually working, I’m looking at the data when I create it, and I output it several times. Since it can be output easily, it will be wasted. “Isn’t it a beginner …”
It’s a lot of fun to be able to make your own original parts. Although there are hurdles to remember the software, it is a machine with romance. There is a sense of discomfort in going to a PC to make a Gunpla, but it may be a new era of Gunpla.

Perhaps there will come an era when only plastic model data will be sold, downloaded, and output at home. Why don’t you try a 3D printer for the first time?

Works so far

Theme: Beginners start with weapons.

Theme: Rank up a little and try connecting with genuine parts. + Weapon