BANDAI Master Grade Strike Freedom Build #3 Painting


Strike Freedom, which has made parts with 3D printers, is finally painting.This kit has many parts and it took a long time to paint.
There were also 8 super dragoons on the back, and there were joints and masking, so it was quite difficult.


I would like to paint the basic paint with gradation. The color selection is slightly downgraded to make it lighter. Dark colors make it difficult to understand the gradation painting, so …


The armor part is mainly white, but this time I painted it in light gray instead of using pure white.

GSI Creos Mr. Surfacer 1200 Gray → Mr. Color C97 Gray No. 9 (Light Gray)

Navy blue

GSI Creos Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black → Mr. Color Airplane Model Color Blue Gray FS35189


GSI Creos Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black → Mr. Color Airplane Model Color Intermediate Blue FS35164

Gray, red, yellow

Gray (Kusifias 3 railgun, etc.)
GSI Creos Mr. Surfacer 1200 → Mr. Color C13 Neutral Gray → Mr. Color C315 Gray FS16440
GSI Creos Mr. Surfacer 1200 → GSI Creos Mr. Color C4 Yellow
“Yellow does not develop very well, so it is better to paint it in several parts.”
GSI Creos Mr. Oxide Red Surfacer 1000 → Gundam Color UG10 MS Char Pink


All frames are painted gold. I chose the whitish one so as not to overstate it by comparing Mr. Metallic Color GX209 GX Red Gold and Mr. Super Metallic 2 Super Gold 2 of GSI Creos used this time.

GSI Creos Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black → Mr. Super Metallic 2 Super Gold 2


For this weathering, I used dark gray enamel paint. The weathering master B set soot is lightly applied. I’m sorry that the photo is a little confusing.
I will post a video of the work method. (State at the time of Exia made last time)


This time, I used a 3D printer in addition to the back equipment including the dragoon, so it took almost a month. There were quite a lot of joint erasers instead of MG, and the amount of parts was also quite large, so it was difficult.
Regarding painting, I chose a slightly brighter tone than the basic color. Since it is difficult to apply gradation to blackish colors, I try to avoid dark colors.
I think I was able to paint without changing the basic image.
It was a kit with some parts that were damaged near completion and troubles continued, but it became the target shape. When I finished, I think it was okay to make a bazooka.
As for the impression of Strike Freedom I made this time, I felt that it is a kit that takes a lot of time for those who paint well. But it’s a pretty cool kit without painting. Since it is a popular aircraft, it is sold on various scales.Why don’t you make it in your favorite size?

Since Gundam has continued recently, I’m thinking of making KÄMPFER next time.