" /> BANDAI MG KÄMPFER Bilud #1 Temporary assembly - 試行錯誤のガンプラ作成 ”Trial and error Gunpla Build"

BANDAI MG KÄMPFER Bilud #1 Temporary assembly


Creation of MG KÄMPFER. This kit was released in 2001 and has been around for 20 years.
It was impressive that the scene that appeared in “0080 War in the Pocket” and moved around the city at high speed was cool. I would like to make such a KÄMPFER this time.



By MG standard, the number of parts is about normal, use screws for elbows and knees. 
Dry decals are also included this time. It’s hard to put this on.
Recent MGs have few polycaps, but there are quite a lot of MGs 20 years ago.


There are two screws on the arm. If you are not careful, you will not be able to lick this screw and turn it, so be careful. There will be a seam on the shoulder, so you need to erase it. The shoulder vernier can be attached later, so paint it separately.


Although it is a leg part, the movable range is limited by the vernier on the back side of the thigh. Since the thigh has a complicated structure, it is necessary to think a little about how to paint it.

The screw enters the knee joint. If you don’t do it with a screwdriver of the right size, you will quickly lick it. Let’s be careful.

Face / Torso

Since there is a detail of the power pipe near the neck, I would like to scrape it and change it to a metal pipe.
The vernier attached to each part has separate parts on the inside and outside. I am happy that it is easy to paint.


I have a lot of weapons this time. Since the shotgun and giant buzz are split vertically in half, a joint erasure occurs.
The chain mine is designed to connect parts with wires. It can be disassembled and painted.
Two Sturm Faust and two beam sabers are included.
Weapons are all 7 items! There are quite a lot.


The parts broke quite a bit, probably because it was old.
The proportions are cool. I can’t take a one-knee pose, but I think that the range of movement is wide except for that.
In terms of size, it is a little larger than MG Cha’s zaku.
I think that the start-up painting is good for painting this time. The color will be slightly toned down and weathered.
Since this kit has many weapons, I would like to proceed with the main body and weapons separately.

By the way: The rifle that Kampfer has in the photo is a gacha.