BANDAI MG KÄMPFER Build #4 Basic painting


Hello, I’m the caretaker. It is finally the painting of the main body after the detail improvement and weapon creation are completed.
I will put a link below for the flow up to this point.


This time I was planning to start painting, but I suddenly changed to solid painting.Except for intermediate blue, it is painted with can spray.
Basic color Mr. color Airplane model color Intermediate blue FS35164 and Mr. color spray S117 RLM76 Light blue.
Intermediate blue looks almost gray …

Inner frame
・ MS gradion system
・ German gray

Basic painting completed

Painting is complete
I haven’t put any stains on it, so it feels refreshing.


This time I will put a decal on it. I will choose a place with a good atmosphere and paste it.
I will not use dry decals this time.

This decal is
Gundam Decal DX 05
[One Year War / Zeon]
I used. Various types can be included. I plan to use it in my next Johnny Leiden.

Zeon MS is curved, so if you have a mark softer, you can put decals neatly.


Painting and decals are now complete. This time it was a solid paint, so the painting was finished quite early.
Next is smearing and weathering.