BANDAI MG KÄMPFER Build #5 Weathering / Completed


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
KÄMPFER which has been painted, is also the final process of weathering.


The decal was completed last time. I tried to arrange the processes easily.
1: Staining / removal of protruding parts
2: Expression of damage with enamel paint
3: Weathering Master
4: Top coat matte
5: Completion

Expression of damage and weathering master

After completing the smearing, apply a little enamel paint black on the corners with a sponge and stain it with a weathering master. Please see the video below.

It is dirty with a sponge.
This time I’m using a dishwashing sponge, but I think it’s a good idea to try it with a fine-grained melamine sponge. Try both and find the one you like best.

Sponge stain work

Weathering Master Dirty

Weathering completed

The weathering is completed by blowing the top coat. It’s quite an atmosphere. I think it was quite comfortable to use. If you use a sponge or a weathering master, you can get it dirty quite easily, so please try it.
Even if you make a mistake, it is an enamel paint, so if you wipe it with an enamel solvent, you can try again without removing the basic paint.


I made MG KÄMPFER, but it looks cool when finished. The point is more weapons than the main body. It’s hard to make, but it’s cool if it’s finished.

This reflection point
・I feel that the silver used to express the damage of the weapon was too strong. It might have been better to do it with a melamine sponge.
・I wish I could improve the details a little more with Puraban. I can’t come up with an idea …
・The elbow screw was too tight and it became difficult to move. It’s hard to pose …
・The intermediate blue used as the basic color looks almost gray. I suppressed the feeling of blue too much
I would like to take advantage of this failure next time.

I have made MG KÄMPFER, but since it was a 2001 kit, it was a more responsive kit than the recent kits. Recently, online sales of Gunpla have soared, and there are no products in the street stores. I can’t get the kit I want, but now it may be best to make my favorite kit that I have at home. The KÄMPFER I made this time was also 7 or 8 years old. Why don’t you use this corona sword to complete a kit that takes more time than usual?

The next creation schedule is MS-06R-2 Johnny Leiden’s exclusive Zaku Ver.2.0.

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