BANDAI MG MS-06R-2 Johnny Ridden exclusive Zaku II Ver.2.0 Build  Summary


This is the creation of Zaku II exclusively for Johnny Leiden. With a kit with a stacking period of 2 weeks, the price of Gunpla was soaring these days, and I couldn’t control my desire to make it. It is a kit that I made before my passion got cold.
Please see the introduction of the creation process divided into 5 processes.

1 Temporary assembly

2 Detail up

#3 Weapon Creation / Painting

#4 Basic painting

#5 Weathering


I’ve created Zaku several times, so I was able to create it unexpectedly smoothly. The creation period this time was 16 days.
The proportions are stable. The detail improvement is about the spikes on the main camera and shoulders, which are done every time in Zaku. It’s basically a cool kit.
The points of reflection this time are that the weathering master was not good enough, that the matte finish of the last top coat was blown too much and it became whitish and powdery, and I felt that I did it at the last minute. I would like to be careful in the next work.

The red paint used for the exterior painting this time, the backpack, and the brown used near the chest are the colors I made, but if I mix the colors, a large amount will always be left over. I have a few more to paint. I’m having trouble using the paint I made for Johnny Leiden’s Zaku.

It is a cool aircraft when completed. Black Tertiary Star and Shin matsunaga kits are also available, so why not try making one? Thank you for watching until the end.

Next time, I will make Gouf Custom. looking forward to