BANDAI MG MS-06R-2 Johnny Ridden exclusive Zaku II Ver.2.0 Build #5 Weathering


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

Johnny’s exclusive Zaku II will also be completed with this weathering.
Basically, the image of activity in outer space is strong, so black stains and silver that expresses damage are the main. I want to get dirty moderately.


Melamine sponge

This time I will chip with a melamine sponge. Since the texture is fine, I think that it will be dirty differently from the tableware sponge.


The silver enamel paint is applied while imagining the place where it is likely to be scratched with a dry brush.

Weathering Master

I like the weathering master B set, so I tried using it, but the basic color was too strong and I gave up the weathering master because it had almost no presence.


Weathering is complete.
It is a regret that there was no presence of the weathering master.
The last top coat was blown too much and it became white and powdery depending on the angle … sorry.
Even so, I think I was able to land as a Zaku exclusively for Johnny Leiden. I’m pretty happy.
This time it is completed.