BANDAI MG Guff Custom Build #1 Temporary assembly (preparation for painting) / Detail up



Hello, I’m the caretaker. This time I would like to make Gouf Custom, which was released in 2001. I remember making it easily instead of the kit MG that I made once about 15 years ago, so I think it can be made smoothly. Furthermore, the completion is cool.
The image of Gouf is a desert, but is Gouf Custom an urban warfare?
This time, I will proceed with painting etc. with the image of Gouf Custom fighting in the desert.

バンダイ ホビーサイト


The box is the smaller one in the MG series.

A figure of Colonel Norris Packard, which has disappeared recently, is attached. I think it was included about 20 years ago. It wasn’t attached to the KÄMPFER I made last time.
There are also screws. I don’t like this screw because it’s hard to close.
How to make a power pipe is also quite different from recent kits.

The shoulders are also split in half. There were quite a few 20 years ago.

There are three types of attached weapons. The 75mm Gatling gun and the triple 35mm Gatling gun can be combined and attached to the left arm, and the heat saber can also be stored in the upper part of the shield.

Temporary assembly completed

The temporary assembly is over.
After all it is cool! I can’t help but feel the bold atmosphere.
It’s pretty easy to assemble. The number of parts is not large, and the parts are assembled quickly.

Detail up

I bought an excellent one that can cut plastic boards.
I’m not very good at improving the detail of plastic boards, but I would like to use it.
First of all, I would like to briefly introduce the product.

HG Detail Punch Trapezoid 1

ページが見つかりませんでした | 株式会社ウェーブ

Two types are on sale, but this time I used only one HG Detail Punch Trapezoid 1.

I pasted it

The length is cut and pasted with adhesive. It’s easy to make a plastic van with a complicated shape, so if you use it well, it will look pretty cool. I would like to introduce the HG Detail Punch Trapezoid 2 in the future.
This detail up is finished with a little plastic stick.

For this Gouf Custom, I would like to paint with a desert-like atmosphere in the image of battles in the Middle East. It feels like the Maganac corps that appears in Gundam W
Next is weapon creation. I would like to see the state of the main body with the color of the shield of the 75 mm Gatling gun.