BANDAI MG Guff Custom Build 


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
I painted Gouf Custom, which was released about 20 years ago, in a desert-like atmosphere. The proportions were pretty good and easy to make.

This time, I summarized the creation process in three parts. Please see the details of the work on each page.

1 Temporary assembly (preparation for painting) / detail improvement

2 Weapon creation

3 Painting (gradation painting) + weathering


Gouf custom is completed.
Although it is a kit 20 years ago, it is quite easy to make and I feel that the temporary assembly was completed immediately. But the work period took about 14 days.

I think the painting had a desert atmosphere. I like the Mr. color C44 tongue that I bought and left before. I feel that the black used for the background is especially strong in the photo. I feel like I should have been familiar with it a little more.
I think the Aircraft Gray used for the weapon has a nice atmosphere. I will continue to actively use it for the mechanical part.
The kit is cool, so it’s pretty cool when it comes to shape. Why don’t you try it?

I created 3 Zeon MSs. This time I was thinking about Z Gundam to make a Gundam system, but since I could buy the Storm Bringer of Gundam Build Divers, next time I will make Gundam Storm Bringer F.A. (Fatal Ash) / Jim Turbulence. I would like.

Thank you for watching until the end.