BANDAI Master grade TallgeeseⅠ Build #Summary Apply EW color with gradation paint + Make a weapon with a 3D printer


Hello, I’m the caretaker. This time is the creation of MG Tallgeese. Introduced in three parts.
I also tried to create an original weapon with a 3D printer. Please see the struggle and trial and error of the manager.

バンダイ ホビーサイト

#1 Temporary assembly / painting preparation

Temporary assembly, kit appearance, gate processing and sink mark processing.

#2 Weapon Build

I made it with a 3D printer. I am making a weapon like Monster Hunter’s Gunlance.

#3 painting

The endless Waltz color is painted with gradation paint.


How was that? The kit is so cool that you can unconditionally look cool. If you have an airbrush, the hurdles for grading painting are not high, so please try it. It was my first time to make a weapon with a 3D printer, and although there was plenty of room for study, it was quite fun. I would like to use it from now on.
Thank you for visiting.