BANDAI MG Gundam Exia Build Summary


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
This time, we created Gundam Exia, the early protagonist of Gundam 00. I used an optional GN drive for this, and finished the painting with solid paint + light weathering. I think it’s easy to reproduce even for people who don’t have an airbrush.

Introduced in three parts: temporary assembly, detail improvement (GN drive), and painting. Please have a look.

#1 Temporary assembly (kit review)

It is a bare set. I decide the procedure for making it in the future by watching the situation when painting.

#2 Detail up

I tried using an optional GN drive

#3 Painting + weathering

Introducing the colors used and weathering


Exia is complete.
Since it was completed, it is a summary. The basic construction is fairly simple and easy to make, and it was completed in about 8 days. Although it is sold separately, there is also an LED unit and so on, so I enjoyed it a lot. I tried to make it a cool summery color. I feel light.
I used an airbrush for this painting, but I think the same thing can be done with a can spray. Please try it.