BANDAI MG Gundam Storm Bringer F.A. Build #2 Detail up


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
I would like to improve the details following the temporary assembly.
Since the original shape of Storm Bringer has been given considerable detail, I would like to use HG Detail Punch etc.

I made something like the heat dissipation fins of the example on the Web.

Heat dissipation fins

I made something like the heat dissipation fins of the example on the Web.
I pasted it on my shoulder and backpack.
I used two pieces of the same shape stuck together. The unevenness becomes clear.

HG Detail Punch

Wave Hobby Tool Series HG Detail Punch Trapezoid 1 It is an excellent product that can cut up to 0.3 mm plastic van in one shot.
If you put them on top of each other, they will look like heat-dissipating fins and you can improve the details.
I tried to make a board to be stacked with an acrylic board, but I made a pedestal to align. It’s fairly easy and accurate, so you can easily make something like a heat dissipation fin.

I used Trapezoid 1 HT-436 this time, but I also have Trapezoid 2 HT-437, so I would like to use it in the future.

Propeller tank

I changed the propeller tank like a feather.
Although it is a simple form, it is output by a 3D printer.
I’m trying to get used to 3D printers by actively doing simple modeling.

Plastic stick

I’ve pasted it a little this time.
I cut it into a plastic stick of 5 mm and pasted it in a place that looks good. File off the adhesive that has squeezed out.
There are also several HG Detail Punch plastic vans.


There are quite a few details in the unassembled state, so this time I will finish it.
Next time, I would like to create / paint weapons.