" /> BANDAI MG Gundam Storm Bringer F.A. Build #3 Basic painting - 試行錯誤のガンプラ作成 ”Trial and error Gunpla Build"

BANDAI MG Gundam Storm Bringer F.A. Build #3 Basic painting


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
Today is the basic painting edition. I’m going to paint the exterior with green and gray solid paint.
I was planning to paint with an airbrush. There was a surplus of interesting colors in the can spray, so I try to use the can spray except for green.



Head / Chest

The basic green is Mr. color AFV / special Russian green for tank models.
The shoulder uses Gundam color MS gray federal system.
The gray part uses GSI Creos Mr. Color Spray S35 light gray white (Mitsubishi series).


GSI Creos Mr. Color Spray S39 Dark Yellow is used for the yellow parts such as around the waist. It’s a calm yellow so it has a nice atmosphere.
Base Mr. color AFV / tank model special feature Russian green is mixed with a little matte black to make a slightly darker green.


The legs are also made of Russian green and GSI Creos Mr. color spray S35 light gray white (Mitsubishi series). Grays in other places are also painted with S35 light gray white.
The vernier is painted with silver around it and the inside with GSI Creos Gundam Color Spray MS Red Gunpla exclusive color spray paint SG04.

Arms / Shoulders

Basically Russian green and S35 light gray white.

Inner frame

All inner frames are painted with can spray.
The paint used is MS Gladion.
The hydraulic cylinder part is painted separately with a sword.


Mold painting with smearing paint is completed.
As a result, most of them were painted with can spray. I was able to digest the spray that had been used once and left for a considerable amount of time, and the time was shortened considerably.
In terms of color, I imagined it to be a little brighter than the molding color, so it can be said to be ideal.
Since it is a solid basic paint, I will try to give it a feeling of use by weathering.
I will put a decal after this, but I will put it before the weathering.
Thank you for watching until the end.
Next is weapon creation.