BANDAI MG Gundam Storm Bringer F.A. Build #5 Weathering


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
Now that the painting is complete, it is a weathering process.
Since the basic paint is solid paint, I’m going to do some stronger weathering.


Apply decals before weathering. I didn’t do it this time, but it would be nice to scratch the decals that have been pasted with something like a needle to create damage.

Shadow blowing

Enamel paint is lightly blown around the joints and mold with an airbrush to stain it.
Dilute it considerably and stain it little by little. Since the color develops little by little, you can stop with just the right color, and even if you make a mistake, you can wipe it off with an enamel solvent, so failure is unlikely to occur. Of course, since the basic paint is lacquer, there is no need to worry about the base falling off.


Chipping is also done with enamel paint as well as shadow blowing. Apply paint to the corners of the sponge and apply paint to areas that are likely to get dirty, such as the edges of parts. This can also be wiped off with an enamel solvent, so failure is unlikely to occur.


It’s weathering. Since the color of the basic paint is better than the weapon, it will be effective with a little weathering. I think it feels much better than it was before weathering.
I’ve blown shadows for the first time in a while, but if it can be used in combination with gradation painting, it will have a slightly different atmosphere. I will try it if I have a chance.
This completes all the steps.
Thank you for your relationship.