BANDAI MG Gundam F91 Ver.2.0 Build #2 Weapon Build


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
Weapon creation. There are four types of weapons attached to the F91, and there is a beam shield. I would like to create this.
Weapons are made before making the main body, but this is like a rehearsal exercise for painting the main body, and it is also a time like a trial when painting the main body here.

Beam rifle

The part that looks black is Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black to Mr. Color C61 Burnt Iron Color.
The white part is based on Mr. Surfacer 1200, and Mr. Color C20 Light Blue is painted with Mr. Color GX GX1 Cool White in gradation. Sumi-in I’m using paint to add stains.

Beam launcher

It is painted with the same paint as the beam rifle. The white part of the main body has a stepped-down mold, so it can be disassembled and painted.


The white part and the vicinity of the grip are the same as the beam rifle and beam launcher, and the blue part is painted with Mr. color blue gray FS35189 for airplane models. Gradation painting is difficult because the parts are thin, so it is a solid painting.
I put the dry decal because it is cool. It was easy to paste because it was a flat surface.

Beam saber & Beam shield

The beam saber is only painted on the grip part. The color used is gull gray.
The beam shield is also painted only in the middle part, and like the beam saber, Gull Gray is finished with gradation painting.


Blow the matte top coat and you’re done.
Because of the recent kit, the beam launcher is designed so that the joints of the parts do not appear, so it is possible to paint this degree without masking the paint. As expected, Bandai!
This is the end of this time. Next is the main body painting. I’m going to use gradation painting as a basis for painting like beam rifle and beam ratcher.
Thank you for staying with us until the end.