BANDAI MG Gundam F91 Ver.2.0 Build #3 Basic painting


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
This time is the basic painting. I finished it with a gradation paint from light blue to white when creating a weapon, so I would like to proceed with the same procedure for the main body.


Gradation painting

The white part is painted with Mr. color GX GX1 cool white based on Mr. color C20 light blue. (I’m sorry that the photo is a little confusing …)

Paint used

Gradation painting of GSI Creos Mr. color airplane model color blue gray FS35189 from Mr. finishing surfacer 1500

Gundam Color UG10 MS Char Pink Gradation Paint from Mr. Surfacer 1200

No surfacer Mr. color C113 RLM04 yellow (semi-glossy)


Inner frame
Mr. Color C61 Burnt Iron Color + Gundam Color MS Gray Federal Gunpla Exclusive Color

I painted it in a slightly calm color.


I put the dry decal on my shoulder and V.S.B.R.
I try to use dry decals because when I apply the top coat at the end, there are no boundaries and the finish is beautiful. However, it is difficult to paste, so be careful.

Mold painting

This time, I used Tamiya Sumi-in paint for Sumi-in. Since I have a strong claim, I usually use light gray etc., but this time I can see the line of the inner frame such as the thigh, so I wanted a presence that is comparable to any part, so I chose black this time.


Basic painting is complete.
I think it was good to use light blue as a base. It became a slightly bluish white feeling. Isn’t it more atmosphere than painting white normally?

Red could have used a surfacer as well as a red system. I will be careful next time.
This completes the basic painting. It seemed good to complete it here, but I’m going to do some weathering because it’s a big deal.

Thank you for watching until the end.