BANDAI MG Gundam RX-78GP01 Build #1 Temporary assembly / painting preparation


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

This time is the creation of the early protagonist GP-01 of 0083. Preparing for temporary assembly and painting.



Attached weapon

There are three accessories. It’s a Gundam-type essential item.
Since it is an MG more than 20 years ago, the beam rifle is composed of two vertically divided parts.
The shield is divided and the lower part is movable and moves up and down to shorten it.

Core fighter

The core fighter is pretty cool. It deforms firmly.

Joint erasing

A seam is generated on the head, calf, snare armor, and the upper part of the backpack.
For painting, it is necessary to take measures such as squeezing or masking.


The face and style are like Gundam and I really like it. I feel that the range of movement is quite narrow compared to recent kits. As expected, it is a kit released in 1997, so is it something like this?
As a feeling of creation, it is an impression that sink marks are strongly appearing in quite a few places. The white part is likely to be overlooked unless it is scraped after blowing the surfacer. (Is it because of my age …)
Also, it is necessary to devise painting such as squeezing.
Next is weapon creation.
Thank you for watching until the end.