" /> BANDAI MG Gundam RX-78GP01 Build #4 Weathering - 試行錯誤のガンプラ作成 ”Trial and error Gunpla Build"

BANDAI MG Gundam RX-78GP01 Build #4 Weathering


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

This time is weathering. Since the MS is mainly used on the ground, I think it would be nice if I could express the dustiness.



Lightly press the enamel paint with the corners of the melamine sponge around the corners of the kit. The paint used this time is enamel-based dark gray. I think it feels a little lighter than black.

Shadow blowing

Dilute the flat black of the enamel paint and spray it with an airbrush while paying attention to the part where the paint is strongly applied to the joints and chipping.

At the end of this, the atmosphere will come out quite a bit.

Top coat matte

Blow the matte top coat and you’re done.
It doesn’t need to be matte because it loses its luster by blowing shadows, so it doesn’t change much for the purpose I saw, but it also improves durability, so I do it every time.


Weathering is complete.

I think it looks a lot dirty compared to the F91 I made last time. Since the character fresh was used for the white part of the basic paint, the sandiness of the dry area may have come out.

This completes all the steps.
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