VOLKS IMS 1/100 Knight of Gold・A-T Build #1 Temporary assembly / painting preparation


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

This time is the creation of Volks Knight of Gold. I will proceed while paying attention to how different it is from the Bandai MG series that I always make.

The box feels pretty luxurious. The assembly instructions are also in color.


Bright gold

The bright gold runners are centered around exterior parts.

Dark gold


In the MG series, polycaps, which have been decreasing recently, are used for moving parts.


The decal has a red stick on the shoulder and a yellow stick on the head.

Screws and rubber rings are also included. Used for the chest and hip joints. Due to its large size, it may be difficult to withstand the weight with a polycap alone.


Since there is a place where the snap fit is squishy, it needs to be fixed with adhesive. If you want to remove it later, you need to temporarily fix it with masking tape.
The parts composition is the same as the MG series, with the inner frame and outer parts. It is very helpful to paint separately.

The details on the head are cool.
Although it is a 1/100 scale kit, you can see the size better than the MGGP01 made before. Temporary assembly alone is very difficult. The snap fit also has loose parts and does not fit comfortably, so a temporary assembly using masking is required.


Mysterious equipment behind the waist

Two swords are included, one that fits in the scabbard and the other that is pulled out.
It looks like a Japanese sword and looks cool. I’m thinking of painting the blade part with Gundam Marker EX plated silver.

Assembly completed

Assembly is complete. It took a lot of time, unlike the Bandai Gunpla I always make.
Even though it is 1/100, it is quite large.

There are a few joint erasers. Since it is a gold molding color, the marks separated from the runner are conspicuous even after gate processing.

I will try several kinds of gold paint and decide the color of the inner and outer.

Thank you for watching until the end.