VOLKS IMS 1/100 Knight of Gold-AT Build #2 Paint


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

I have spent a considerable amount of time on the temporary assembly.

This time I will paint the Knight of Gold A-T. It seems that the type of gold used for the inner and outer is different, so I will start from choosing the color.

Color selection

Trial blow

This time I tried spraying 4 plastic colors and spray gold just in case.

I will use Mr. metallic color GX209 GX red gold for the inner frame. I wonder if Mr. metallic color GX210 GX blue gold can be used as an outerwear …

I will paint the outer with Super Gold 2. I would like to partially add GSI Creos Mr. Metal Color Brass.
I want to suppress the glossiness, so I would like to use it as it is. If you want to make it more glossy, you should try mixing it with clear gloss.

Can sprays are too grainy to use.

Paint used

Inner frame
GSI Creos Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black → Mr. Metallic Color GX209 GX Red Gold

GSI Creos Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black → GSI Creos Mr. Super Metallic 2 Super Gold 2

Mr. Color C3 Red

Inner frame

It will be painted with GX red gold. The color is good, so the work goes on. If you add black for smearing, it will be sharp and metallic. It feels like a pocket watch part.

A state in which a smearing paint is lightly put in and wiped off with an enamel solvent.

The inner frame is complete. I am assembling it with a snap fit, but in the end I will firmly fix it with adhesive.


I will paint the outer with GSI Creos Mr. Super Metallic 2 Super Gold 2.

surface treatment

When I painted Surfacer # 1500, the surface looked strange.
This was a problem …

So I tried to file it with # 600 and paint the surfacer again, but it still comes out, so if I paint the clear thickly as it is, it feels good, so I’m relieved.


Apply gloss clear 3 times and apply Super Gold 2. Semi-gloss is ideal, so is it like this?


It is masked and painted in red that was in stock. It has a pretty atmosphere.

Accessories (hands and swords)

There are 3 types of hands: grip, opening, and sword grip. There are two sword grips, but I can’t hold them without gluing them, so I made only one this time.

The handle of the sword is painted with the same Super Gold 2 as the outer, and the blade is the first attempt to connect the Gundam Marker EX Shine Silver to the compressor and spray it. It’s nice to see the brilliance.

Sumi put

Sumi-filling paint black
The sharpness comes out and the gold stands out. Since the mold is carved relatively firmly, it will turn black firmly when you add a stain.

The upper part of the crown is pretty amazing with a stain.

White stain

The shoulders are painted red, but I painted red first, masked and painted gold. I felt that this was smoother in terms of work, and it seemed that there were fewer mistakes, so I painted this time this time.

Stain with flat white enamel paint
I want to put a white border around the red shoulder with enamel paint, so I think it is better to paint the red part with lacquer as well.


It is a decal of one part. There was also a decal for a large part, but this time I painted it.
First paint red and mask → surfacer black & clear → gold → enamel paint white


Painting is complete. Depending on whether it is glossy or semi-glossy, I made it semi-glossy with the image of gold like a pocket watch.

It took time to apply clear 3 times to prepare the surface. I was in trouble because I ran out of painting clips, so I will buy a little more.

I feel that it was okay to insert a partially different color. When I first started making it, I was thinking of using a slightly different gold, but I completely forgot and painted it with the same gold.
I also regret that I should have done the surface treatment a little more carefully.

But I’m happy that I finally reached the completion. Since there are not many colors, it was a kit that was easy to imagine from the beginning in terms of painting work.

Thank you for watching until the end.