VOLKS IMS 1/100 Knight of Gold-AT Build 


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

This time we will make Volks IMS 1/100 Night of Gold.
It used to be called Patraxhe Mirage, but it looks cool and the divine atmosphere is irresistible.

I made a resin kit V siren Neptune more than 10 years ago, but it’s the FSS system for the first time in a while.
It is a record of making such a night of gold.

Temporary assembly

State of the kit and temporary assembly


Introducing the painting process and paints used


It was finally completed after spending almost a month. I thought I did it very carefully because it was the first IMS 1/100 series, but how about it?

The finished impression is coolness and a sense of accomplishment. The volume and smart feeling are different from Gunpla.

It took a lot of time to temporarily assemble and paint, but I thought that it was not a kit that anyone who is doing Gunpla could not make if it took time. The IMS 1/100 series is a kit that I would like to challenge again.

I wonder if Auger is good. Recently, a limited edition kit was released …

Thank you for watching until the end. Next, I’m thinking of going back to Gundam and making Z Gundam.