BANDAI MG Z Gundam Ver.2.0 Build #1 Temporary assembly / painting preparation


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
I would like to temporarily assemble Z Gundam.
Z Gundam has a fairly complicated parts composition because it has a deformation mechanism.


There are a lot of small parts, and if you proceed while doing gate processing etc., it will take a lot of time for temporary assembly. I will omit the contents.

Body completed

Temporary assembly is complete. It’s relatively large.
After all it was difficult. It took 5 days to complete the temporary assembly. The tendency was quite different from the kits I made so far to reproduce the gimmick for deformation.

Wave rider

The wave rider can be equipped with a deformed beam rifle and a high mega launcher. It is quite difficult to transform from a doll. It ’s quite complicated and I ca n’t remember it easily.

Attached weapon

Beam rifle / high mega launcher

The beam rifle is a standard size, but the high mega launcher is larger than the size of the main body.


It’s a small shield. It is a size that makes you uneasy whether it can function as a defense. But when you become a wave rider, it becomes the nose, so it’s not cool if it’s big.

Beam saber

Two beam sabers are included. Can be stored in the side waist armor.


The pedestal can be used in both forms. There is a mounting arm dedicated to the wave rider. It is better to use the pedestal for stable storage.


Since there is a fairly complicated deformation gimmick, the joints of the part related to the deformation mechanism have a different structure compared to the normal MG series. During the temporary assembly, there were many parts that could not be imagined to be completed. I’m going to start painting from now on, but it seems to be difficult to disassemble it once and assemble it after painting.

I’m going to make it with a light color as a whole with gradation painting. After that, let’s proceed while watching the situation.

Next, I will paint the weapons.