BANDAI MG ZGundamVer.2.0 Build #2 Weapon / pedestal painting


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

I’m going to create a weapon and a pedestal.
Since the pedestal is attached, this person will also try painting.

Beam rifle

The beam rifle was conscious of the sober color.
You can hardly see the feeling of painting in the photo … I’m sorry.

Surfacer 1200 Gray → Mr. Color C14 Navy Blue → Mr. Color C14 Navy Blue + White (Gradation painting)

Partially painted Gundam color gray Zeon system and Gundam color gray federal system near the muzzle. It’s a simple painting for each part, but it gives a pretty atmosphere.

High Mega Cannon

The High Mega Cannon is big and powerful. It is irresistible as a manager who likes big weapons.
This time, I chose light blue because I wanted to start up painting, but if it is solid, dark gray may be good.

Surfacer 1200 Gray → Mr. Color C14 Navy Blue → Mr. Color C370 Azer Blue (Gradation painting)

Partially uses Gundam color gray federal system such as grip and gun tip

Beam saber

The grip part of the beam saber is also painted upright. I couldn’t capture it in the photo.
It’s a small item, but I’ve set it up firmly.

Surfacer 1200 Gray → German Gray → Gray No. 9


It is a thin shield. There will be almost no defensive function. This is necessary because it makes you look cool when you become a wave rider.

Surfacer Red → Gundam Color Char Pink
I tried to add an accent to the tip with clear red.

Surfacer 1200 gray → Mr. color C14 navy blue → Mr. color C14 navy blue + white (gradation painting)

Mecha gray
Surfacer 1200 gray → Gundam color gray federal system

For the one-point gray on the surface, I used the gray that was in stock.


It was so big that it was difficult to paint at Tamiya’s spray work painting booth, so I spray-painted it outdoors. It feels unsatisfactory, but it’s done.

Surfacer 1200 Gray → Gundam Color Gray Federal Army
It is partially masked and painted in light gray.

I put a little decal on it, but you may add a little when you decal the main body.

Weapon / pedestal creation summary

Painting is completed for the time being.
Since I mainly use start-up painting, I choose a relatively light color to use.
Based on this weapon painting, the direction of the basic painting of the main body has also been decided, so I will continue to move forward.

The pedestal was too big to paint indoors. That’s why I painted the whole thing outdoors in the cold winter with can spray painting. After the basic painting of the main body is finished, I will make the pedestal etc. a little dirty at the stage of weathering.

Next, I will do basic painting.
Thank you for watching until the end.

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