BANDAI MG ZGundamVer.2.0 Build #3 Basic painting


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

This time I’m going to do basic painting. I’m going to paint with gradation with a subdued color and a light shade as a whole.

Paint used

In my recent boom, I often choose a subdued color. The reason is the ease of gradation painting.

Surfacer 1200 Gray → Gray No. 9
Surfacer 1200 gray → cool white

I could hardly tell the difference between Gray No. 9 and Cool White.

Surfacer 1200 Gray → Navy Blue → Azer Blue

Surfacer 1000 Red → Gundam Color Char Pink

Surfacer 1000 White → Dark Yellow → Matte Clear

Gray (wings on the back, etc.)
Surfacer 1200 gray → Gundam color MS gray federal system → RLM75 gray violet (gradation painting)

Surfacer 1200 gray → Gundam color MS gray federal system → matte clear

Basically, I mainly use the paints in stock and paint with the feeling of purchasing a little.


The whole is a gradation painting. I chose a darker base paint, so it was easy to understand the gradation painting, so I took a picture of the progress.

It is partially painted and adjusted with the final break-in paint. It is sprayed with a slightly thinner dilution than the solid paint on the base.
I try to make it feel as natural as possible.

Brush painting

There are pipe-like details on the back of the arms and knees, so I’m painting those parts with a brush. I also painted the main camera in green.


This time I put a little dry decal. Dry decals are difficult to apply, but if you apply them well, if you coat the clear from above, there will be no steps on the decals, so I like it.

Pasting process

I use cellophane tape as a caretaker. Cut it to a size that is easy to use, attach it once on the mat you are working on, then peel it off and attach the decal using the tape.

The cellophane tape is transparent and the position where it is applied is easy to see and easy to apply.
It is pasted by rubbing it with the part of the brush that the caretaker loves. Carefully and firmly rub it so that it does not stick out of the cellophane tape.

Sumi put

As usual, it is a mold painting with a smearing paint. I used black this time.

Painting completed

Painting is complete.
I think it has become a standard color with a modest color. It was good that the basic painting was finished earlier than I expected.

Next is weathering.
Thank you for watching until the end.