BANDAI MG ZGundamVer.2.0 Build Make pale colors with gradation painting and weathering.


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
This time I will make MG Z Gundam. It is a class of aircraft that is not very good at MS. Since it is the main character, it is too cool, so the atmosphere of the weapon is small and the sense of justice is strong. Furthermore, it is complicated because it has a deformation mechanism. It is a kit that I am not very good at. I will make such a Z Gundam.

Manufacturer site

バンダイ ホビーサイト

Temporary assembly

Temporary assembly and painting preparation. I struggled with the deformation mechanism.

Weapon / pedestal

Since it comes with a pedestal, I painted it because it was a big deal.

Basic painting

I choose a light color and paint it with gradation. Introducing the paint used
This time I put on a little dry decal.


Chipping and Weathering Master and Shadow Blowing!


MG Zeta Gundam was completed.
Although it was a kit that I was not good at, I feel that it was completed unexpectedly quickly. However, it takes about 20 days. There is a sense of accomplishment.

The construction is complicated due to the deformation mechanism. It broke in one place during disassembly, but it didn’t have much effect, so it was helpful.

Jaime can is a big size, so if you hold it, it will be a picture.

The painting was surprisingly smooth.

Wave rider is cool. The size is also big, so it’s powerful.

Zeta Gundam, which transforms into a wave rider, feels like a good deal. Why don’t you try it?
Thank you for visiting us at the end.