BANDAI MG RX-78-2Gundam Ver.Ka #3 Basic painting


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

This time is the basic painting. The main body is also painted, focusing on the color used when making the weapon.

Paint used

Surfacer Gray 1200 → Aircraft Gray → Gray No. 9 (gradation painting)

Surfacer Black 1500 → Blue

Surfacer Red → Gundam Color Char Red → Gundam Color MS Red (gradation painting)

Surfacer white → dark yellow

Green (main camera, etc.)
Surfacer gray 1200 → fluorescent green

Inner frame
Surfacer gray 1200 → Gundam color MS gray Zeon system

The inner parts of the backpack are made of burnt iron. The inner part that you can see a little is cool. It is recommended because it is easy to paint.


It is basically a gradation painting. I aimed for a natural gradation so that it wouldn’t be intentional.

I tried using gold near the vernier and at the base of the pipe behind the knee. It feels good that a special material is used.

Sumi put

I used black for the stain. It will be sharp and cool. If you look at this picture and think that the mold has a strong impression, you may choose gray.


I made a mistake in the decal on the knee and put the same thing on it. I’m sorry I couldn’t find a way to remove the dry decal cleanly, but I proceeded to the next work as it was.

I scratched the pasted dry decal with a sharp object such as a needle to damage it. I think it would be cool if it disappeared a little.


Basic painting is complete. It became a standard color Gundam.
After all it is difficult to understand the gradation painting of blue. I think Red has an ideal atmosphere.

I was at a loss with the G-3 color this time, but I wanted to use it for comparison with the kits I will make in the future, so I chose the standard color. Also, when making RX-78, I will try different colors.

Next is weathering.
Thank you for watching until the end.