BANDAI MG RX-78-2Gundam Ver.Ka #4 Weathering


Hello, I’m the caretaker.
Weathering is the final process after basic painting.
Since it’s Ver.Ka, I could have put a decal on it and finished with a top coat, but I’m going to do some weathering. I’m going to get dirty with the theme of Gundam, which has been in battle several times.


Lightly apply paint to the corners of the parts with a melamine sponge.
I use enamel paint with a little enamel solvent added. It is difficult to dilute it, so I dilute it while watching the situation every time.

Weathering master

The part that has been painted with chipping is intensively soiled with the weathering master. It will be a natural stain and the atmosphere will come out quite a bit. If it gets too dirty, rub it with your finger to adjust it.

Shadow blowing

The area around the joints and ducts is sprayed intensively. Shadow blowing has become a staple of recently made kits.

Top coat

It is a finished top coat. Since the glossy feeling is unified, the appearance is calm.
It is also necessary work to protect the weathering master and shadow blowing.


Weathering is complete.
It feels like I’ve used it a lot rather than the atmosphere of having been in battle several times.
Please note that when you feel like weathering, you will not know when to stop.
The atmosphere is good for the time being, so I ended it.

The core fighter that I didn’t put at all is also painted.
Basically, the vernier part is painted with a brush and burnt iron color by spray painting. Brush painting is difficult, so it’s a time of tension.

This completes the entire creation process.
Thank you for watching until the end.