BANDAI RG Evangelion Unit 1 Build #2 Weapon building


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

This time I’m going to paint weapons. The MG series that I always make has the same pattern as the main body color, but this time it is a completely different color, so it is a pity that it can not be used as a reference for the main body color.

Cassius Spear

Cassius’s spear consists of four parts. Finish the processing such as parting line and spray the surfacer.
I tried using a brown surfacer for the first time.

Paint used

GSI Creos Mr. Mahogany Surfacer → Gundam Color for Builders MS-06S Red (gradation painting)

It became a dark-looking Cassius spear.

Palette gun

I made the palette gun feel like it was close to the set color.
Surfacer 1500 Black → Russian Green (gradation painting)

Inner parts
Surfacer 1500 Black → Metallic Black

Surfacer 1000 white → C58 yellow-orange

The paint looks like this. The area around the muzzle is painted in silver.

Prog knife

The blade part is painted with silver and the grip is painted with wood brown.
Since it is a small part, wood brown is painted with a brush.

Umbilical cable

It looks like it is not painted, but it is painted. The paint is very close to the set color, so the appearance is almost unchanged. Except for the code, it is coated with matte clear.

That’s all for painting weapons / accessories. Next is the painting of the main body.

Thank you for watching until the end.