RG Evangelion exclusive restraint and mobile injection stand set Build #2 Painting


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

This time, I would like to introduce the painting process of the injection table.


The standard color is dark green, but I would like to add a little originality and paint.
Although it is only the part that is easy to disassemble and paint separately, I will paint it separately.

Lightly wipe the receiving side of the snap-fit with a drill of the correct size. Sometimes I cut it in half, but this time I made it easier to remove the parts.


I am painting with several gray paints.
I think it will be cool if you paint it partially.

White style
Aircraft gray

Blue style
Intermediate blue

Gray violet

Metallic system
Grilled iron color


All painted with solid.

Mold painting is done with black paint for smearing.


I used the marking sticker at my feet because it had an evangelion feel and was cool.

It seemed difficult to adjust the sticking position, so I used a neutral detergent and water to stick it.

Shadow blowing

Enamel paint flat black is lightly sprayed with a thin dilution.