BANDAI MG Dwadge Build #3 Weapon Build


Hello, I’m the caretaker.

This time I will paint the weapons. Since the main body is painted in solid, the weapon will also be painted in solid.

Giant Buzz

The middle part of the main body has details like a cloth wrapped around it, so I painted the belt part that passes between them.

After applying brown, I mask it and paint the belt part with light gray.
Stick the edges of the masking tape firmly.

Gray (main) Gundam color MS glazing system

Gray (accent) Creos RLM76 light blue

Brown Creos Sandy Brown

Sumi-in paint black

Finished with a matte clear (spray).

Heat Tomahawk

It’s bigger than Zaku’s Heat Hawk. It is a weapon that suits the Dom system.
The paint is not much different from the formation color, but the blade part is painted with silver.
Finally, the matte clear is blown, so the silver feels calm.

First, the entire surfacer is painted with Gray 1200, and then painted with each color.

Gray (main) Gundam color MS glazing system

Silver (blade) Creos Silver (spray) 

Gold (one point) Creos Gold (spray)

Matte clear (spray)

I paint it with a little gold and add an accent. I don’t think I will use metallic paint on the battlefield, but I tried it because it has a nice atmosphere.

Heat saber

The heat saber, which consists of 3 parts, is painted with a different paint for each part. Easy to finish.

Yellow Creos Dark Yellow

Gray (handle part) Gundam color MS gray zion system

Gray (flange part) Creos RLM76 light blue

Matte clear (spray) is complete.

Weapon painting is complete. It was a fairly simple painting, but I was satisfied with the work. We are planning to paint the main body this time, so we are painting the weapons accordingly.
Next is the main body painting. This time I will try the camouflage pattern.

Thank you for watching until the end.